What To Expect From an SEO Campaign

The goal of any SEO campaign is simple – get more traffic to a website from Google and increase your revenue. Higher Google rankings of keywords relevant to your business will help you grow. My SEO process incorporates 6 key areas which are essential for success in Google. While the extent of each part of the process may vary depending your situation, the core of an SEO campaign will have these 6 core elements.
what to expect from an seo campaign

1. Keyword Research

I conduct in-depth keyword research for your industry and analyse what search terms your business should be targeting. With this information, I have a solid pathway which forms the basis of the rest of the campaign. 

2. Competitor Research

I’ll reverse engineer your high ranking competitors and see what kind of SEO they’re doing.

3. Technical Optimisation

I use industry leading tools to conduct ongoing technical audits of your site. I will fix all errors and optimise each page so that it’s targeting the right keywords. Google needs to ‘see’ each page clearly. 

4. Backlinks and Citations

Quality backlinks are still the most important element of SEO.  I build the right links by assessing what your high ranking competitors backlinks are. 

5. Local Search Optimisation

Did you know that 46% of searches in Google have local intent? I will audit your sites local signals and ensure it ranks better on Google local listings for localised search terms. 

6. Content Optimisation

I’ll use scientific based methods that compares your content to higher ranking sites and then optimises your content to outrank these competitors. 

Author Will Mullins

If you need more traffic from Google, then you need an SEO specialist in your team.Feel free to contact me any time on issues such as:"We rank OK but want to rank better", "We don't show up anywhere in Google!" "We used to get enquiries from Google but haven't been for a while", "We've had a website built and we need it to show up in the search results”,My services include keyword and competitor research, on page SEO, off page link building, local SEO and content strategy. If you'd like me to have a look at your website and rankings, please contact me on 0419 943 234 or email will@willmullins.com.au.

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