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Here's a sample of some of my work.

Below you will find a collection of ranking results from a variety of businesses that I’ve worked with. These results are shown as either ranking reports, keyword changes over time or traffic graphs. Click on the image to make it more easily viewed.

Remember that keyword rankings alone only give one part of the picture. Most traffic (70%) to a website comes from search phrases that are not the primary terms. Keyword rankings give an overall indication that a website is gaining ‘authority’ in Google.

*In most instances, client names and keywords have been withheld for privacy purposes. 

 #1 Australia wide for ‘building and pest inspection’ desktop and mobile

The below Google screenshots show both mobile and desktop rankings for my client who is in the building and pest inspection industry. The website, bpic.com.au is #1 plus you can see impressive maps rankings for local franchisees.

desktop building and pest inspection ranking

 Keyword Improvements Over Time

Keyword 1

This graph shows a competitive keyword that my client was ranking for at #10 at the beginning of this campaign (bottom of first page). From July to December, you can see the gradual increase to a solid top 3 and 2 position and well on the way to #1. This keyword is now getting the client 15 times more traffic than before I began working on the site.

keyword ranking results

Keyword 2

Starting off here at #20 (bottom of Google page 2) for this highly searched keyword. After a good start, it’s been a bumpy ride but I started getting some consistent #1 rankings and it looks like it will stay this way. Going from this far back to #1 has given this client a huge boost to their lead generation. Organic Google search results give a far better ROI for their marketing spend – no paid advertising.

seo graph rankings

Keyword 3

Not starting from that far back here but the difference between ranking #9 and #1 can be massive especially for a high volume term like this. This keyword is ‘bouncing’ a bit but we’re consistently ranking more often at #1. Client is more than happy and so are we.

brisbane seo ranking

Keyword 4

Good improvements here for a 3 month campaign of this primary keyword. This was/is a new business so the client was looking for some some quick wins as marketing dollars can be tight during the start up phase. Needless to say, their business is over that early hurdle with a steady stream of customers thanks to them ‘popping up’ in Google for plenty of search terms. Great result.

seo new keyword

Keyword 5

Good natural progression of this term to a consistent number 1. This is the result of hand crafted manual SEO that Google wants. The more you promote your site online, the more Google will reward you. Started at #7 here and now a consistent #1.

natural SEO rankings

Keyword 6

This is the primary keyword for this client. Started back at #12 and beyond before the campaign started. Now heading towards a consistent #1. Client is barely keeping up with the work and putting on more staff to keep up. A good problem to have.

Keyword 7

Starting well back here in Google oblivion at #39 for this big keyword. It shot up really quickly which can be a bit of a worry and it certainly bounced around a bit before settling down. Glad that it came up quickly as this is a 3 month SEO campaign.

seo rank

Keyword 8

From #10 to #2 here and worth every penny. The number one keyword for this market. Should be able to slot into #1 at this rate and hold it.

Rank In Google.com.au BEFORERank In Google.com.au AFTER
 Page 2 (Position #4)Page 1 (Position #3)
Page 9 (Position #2)Page 1 (Position #8)
Page 4 (Position #2)Page 2 (Position #8)


Rank In Google.com.au BEFORERank In Google.com.au AFTER
 Page 3 (Position #8)Page 1 (Position #1)
Page 11 (Position #1)Page 4 (Position #6)
Page 8 (Position #7)Page 2 (Position #5)


Rank In Google.com.au BEFORERank In Google.com.au AFTER
 Page 4 (Position #4)Page 4 (Position #1)
Page 1 (Position #8)Page 1 (Position #6)
Page 8 (Position #5)Page 2 (Position #8)


Rank In Google.com.au BEFORERank In Google.com.au AFTER
 Not in top 20 pagesPage 2 (Position #1)
Not in top 20 pagesPage 1 (Position #4)
Not in top 20 pagesPage 1 (Position #8)


Rank In Google.com.au BEFORERank In Google.com.au AFTER
 Page 11 (Position #2)Page 2 (Position #6)
Page 11 (Position #6)Page 1 (Position #8)
Page 10 (Position #2)Page 2 (Position #2)


Rank In Google.com.au BEFORERank In Google.com.au AFTER
 Page 3  (Position #7)Page 2 (Position #1)
Page 4 (Position #5)Page 1 (Position #9)
Page 4 (Position #9)Page 2 (Position #3)


Rank In Google.com.au BEFORERank In Google.com.au AFTER
 Page  (Position #4)Page  (Position #3)
Page 9 (Position #2)Page 1 (Position #8)
Page 4 (Position #2)Page 2 (Position #8)


Rank In Google.com.au BEFORERank In Google.com.au AFTER
 Page 1 (Position #8)Page 1 (Position #3)
Page 9 (Position #2)Page 2 (Position #8)
Page 9 (Position #6)Page 2 (Position #1)


Rank In Google.com.au BEFORERank In Google.com.au AFTER
 Page 2 (Position #1)Page 1 (Position #9)
Page 4 (Position #7)Page 3 (Position #4)
Page 2 (Position #9)Page 2 (Position #6)


Rank In Google.com.au BEFORERank In Google.com.au AFTER
 Page 2 (Position #1)Page 1 (Position #7)
Page 6 (Position #2)Page 5 (Position #7)
Page 5 (Position #8)Page 4 (Position #5)

Traffic Graph 1

A new business here and a new website. I was lucky to get good early rankings which gave this local business a big kickstart.

traffic growth seo

Traffic Graph 2

Existing business here who invested in SEO. The result was a 66% increase in organic search traffic.

66% increase in organic traffic

Traffic Graph 3

Google #1 rankings here for this local Brisbane business and a 700% increase in traffic to their website.

local brisbane business seo traffic graph

Traffic Graph 4

From an average of 1400 organic visits a day to 2200 per day representing a 57% increase in visits from search engines in just under 12 months.

12 month traffic increase from SEO

Traffic Graph 5

From getting practically no search engine traffic to a steady flow of leads thanks to this 4 fold increase in visitors.

400% increase in SEO traffic


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I engaged the help of Will Mullins to review my website in mid 2012 and since then leads and sales have increased dramatically - driven almost exclusively by search engines.

Karl Packenas, Brisbane Air Con Installation

Will’s experience and dedication to helping us achieve our goals has been outstanding. Always professional, Will was more than happy to accommodate our needs every step of the way.

Anthony Benn, AHI Asbestos

Business is booming and it is largely because of Will's SEO strategies and commitment to seeing my business succeed.

Ben Johnston, QLD Psychiatry Group

Thanks Will. Your service was excellent, you did everything that you said you would with regards to upgrading my website, you were always contactable and very helpful. I would have no hesitation recommending you.

Andrew Howard, BPI Gladstone

Trust is important in business and this is especially true for SEO. Overtime, my online traffic has grown thanks to Will’s plan and strategy and his willingness to understand the specifics of my market. I more than recommend Will Mullins to any business looking for a trusted SEO company.

Mark Cantoni (Director) - Canex Resources

Hi Will, today 4 enquiries from internet and noticed on first page for building inspections! Really happy buddy! We would love to keep this going.. cheers Sam

Sam RoumeliotisDirector - BPI Building & Pest Adelaide

Will managed to get us on page 1 in a few weeks and then to the top ranked spot within around 8 weeks so we couldn't be happier. I believe we may still be the top ranked result in google despite it still being a highly competitive term.

Ryan HanlyCo Founder, Travello

I have been using Will's services for a number of years and have always found him to be responsive and supportive to my inquiries. I have and continue to recommend Will to any other business operators.

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