The SEO Results I’ve Achieved

Below you will find a collection of ranking results from a variety of businesses that I’ve worked with. These results are shown as either ranking reports, keyword changes over time or traffic graphs. You can click on the images below to enlarge them.

Remember, primary keyword rankings are merely the tip of the iceberg. The heart of website traffic (70%, to be precise) comes from search phrases that lurk beneath the surface, away from the limelight of high-volume search terms. These primary keyword rankings, while important, primarily act as barometers of a website’s authority in Google.

*Note: To respect the privacy of my clients, certain details including names and specific keywords have been concealed.

Ecommerce Website (June 2023)

I began working on this site back in April 2020 and since then they’ve see exceptional growth. The site sells high ticket items so I knew getting very targeted, buyer intent searchers in Google would bring them great results. You can see on the graph both visibility (impressions) and clicks have steadily risen over time thanks to highly targeted collection (category) page optimisation and domain authority growth.

Specialist Medical Site (June 2023)

This graph illustrates the traffic growth of a Brisbane-based website specialising in high-ticket medical procedures. Initially, you can see a steady line reflecting the site’s stable traffic levels before I began working on it. As I applied my SEO strategies, a positive shift in keyword rankings and traffic began to occur. The graph showcases a two-fold surge as of June 2023 and the real numbers are about 3x this in Google analytics. For a business dealing in high-value medical procedures, this increase in visitor numbers to a specific procedure was a game-changer. It’s a good example of how focused strategic SEO can provide significant benefits to a business.

Legal Business (June 2023)

After experiencing a plateau in organic search growth, this business reached out for help. By strategically enhancing their topical content authority, creating and refining location-specific pages, and helping the site satisfy Google’s E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, Trust algorithm), it’s been great to see their traffic and revenue grow. This natural in-bound traffic has really given them a boost through the early stages of their business journey.

SEO After New Website Build Disaster (June 2023)

This company reached out after their new website build failed to take into consideration SEO. The impact of not properly transferring SEO elements from the old site to the new were significant. The traffic graph exhibits a drastic traffic drop with the new site which unfortunately is quite common in this industry. Since I began working on the site, I’ve been able to help get the traffic back up to where it was and it’s still climbing today.

GP in Brisbane

A good example of compounding traffic growth from continued SEO work. Starting with around 100 visits a month in July 2019, the site now gets around 800 visits per month as of January 2023

brisbane gp traffic growth

86% increase in traffic from Google with Local Business SEO

This local business nearly doubled its traffic from local search engine optimisation (From an average of 288 organic visits in November to 536 in February).

organic traffic growth

From Good to Great – Medical Practice SEO in Brisbane

This local Brisbane business was a referral from a previous client. They had decent traffic to the site but knew there was more potential. It’s a tough market they’re in but the growth steadily came. Through 2019, they had consistent double digit monthly growth from Google and ended up with a 28% increase in organic traffic Vs 2018. 


58.5 % Google Traffic Growth – Year on Year – National Finance Company

Great increase in traffic from Google (18,872 vs 11,906) for this group of Financial Advisers who have locations all around Australia. Although the site is nationally focused, getting their local SEO right for all their location landing pages played a big part in their growth. 

financial company seo

57% Annual Increase in Organic Traffic

From an average of 1400 organic visits a day to 2200 per day representing a 57% increase in visits from Google in just under 12 months.

57% organic traffic increase

2x Traffic from Google

This business engaged me in December of 2018 and has since doubled the amount of leads they get from Google. Well worth the investment and traffic has remained high. 

sport industry seo

Too Much Growth!

This Brisbane Dr fired me because she got too busy! Sorry about that 🙂

brisbane dr seo graph

New Business SEO

A new business here and a new website. I got some good early rankings which gave this local business a big head start they needed.

traffic growth seo

Huge Return on investment 

Existing business here who finally decided to invest in SEO. The result was a 66% increase in organic search traffic over the year with each converted customer purchasing a big ticket item. Great ROI for this business. 

66% increase in organic traffic

SEO For this Local Brisbane Business

As you can see in the early part of the graph, the site was getting no natural growth in Google. With focused efforts, I was able to achieve #1 rankings here for this local Brisbane business and a 7x increase in traffic to their website.

local brisbane business seo traffic graph

SEO For this Local Brisbane GP

This new GP practice in Brisbane targets their local area. Using various local SEO methods, I’ve been able to help locals find this practice when looking for a GP.

local GP SEO

Search Engine Growth

From getting practically no search engine traffic to a steady flow of leads thanks to this 4 fold increase in visitors.

400% increase in SEO traffic

Brisbane Medical Specialist SEO

I started on this project from the beginning in this tough surgical market. It’s been a hard slog but the growth has been steady and worth the effort. The site now gets around 200 visits from highly targeted surgical search terms.

brisbane medical specialist seo chart

Keyword Improvements

While the above graphs show overall traffic growth, it’s good to track individual keywords (search terms people type into Google) to assess where the traffic is coming from. Although the bulk of traffic comes from 100’s if not 1000’s of different keywords, these graphs below are tracking high volume search terms.

Keyword 1

This graph shows a competitive keyword that our client was ranking for at #10 at the beginning of this campaign (bottom of first page). From July to December, you can see the gradual increase to a solid top 3 and 2 position and well on the way to #1. This keyword is now getting the client 15 times more traffic than before we began working on the site.

keyword ranking results

Keyword 2

Starting off here at #20 (bottom of Google page 2) for this highly searched keyword. After a good start, it’s been a bumpy ride but we started getting some consistent #1 rankings and it looks like it will stay this way. Going from this far back to #1 has given this client a huge boost to their lead generation. Organic Google search results give a far better ROI for their marketing spend – no paid advertising.

seo graph rankings

Keyword 3

Not starting from that far back here but the difference between ranking #9 and #1 can be massive especially for a high volume term like this. This keyword is ‘bouncing’ a bit but we’re consistently ranking more often at #1. Client is more than happy and so are we.

brisbane seo ranking

Keyword 4

Good improvements here for a 3 month campaign of this primary keyword. This was/is a new business so the client was looking for some some quick wins as marketing dollars can be tight during the start up phase. Needless to say, their business is over that early hurdle with a steady stream of customers thanks to them ‘popping up’ in Google for plenty of search terms. Great result.

seo new keyword

Keyword 5

Good natural progression of this term to a consistent number 1. This is the result of hand crafted manual SEO that Google wants. The more you promote your site online, the more Google will reward you. Started at #7 here and now a consistent #1.

natural SEO rankings

Keyword 6

This is the primary keyword for this client. Started back at #12 and beyond before the campaign started. Now heading towards a consistent #1. Client is barely keeping up with the work and putting on more staff to keep up. A good problem to have.

primary keyword ranking seo

Keyword 7

Starting well back here in Google oblivion at #39 for this big keyword. It shot up really quickly which can be a bit of a worry and it certainly bounced around a bit before settling down. Glad that it came up quickly as this is a 3 month SEO campaign.

new seo campaign results

Keyword 8

From #10 to #2 here and worth every penny. This ranking is the number one keyword for this market. Should be able to slot into #1 at this rate and hold it.

keyword rising from 10 to 1

I’ve had the privilege to work with some great clients…

From local businesses to national and international companies, my customers get huge benefits from focused, ongoing SEO efforts, which is most commonly, their #1 traffic and conversion source.