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“For more than 10 years, I’ve helped Brendale businesses get higher Google rankings, leads and profit with customised SEO campaigns.”

Safe, ethical, transparent SEO that will boost your website higher in Google.

Click Here to Request Your Free SEO Health Check & Quote Now

Click Here to Request Your Free SEO Health Check & Quote Now
Safe, ethical, transparent SEO that will boost your website higher in Google.


I do the SEO work

Some agencies contract your SEO out to junior staff or overseas providers who don’t have the knowledge to do good up to date SEO. And often things go backwards.

I specialise

I’m not a generalist digital marketing specialist that does some SEO on the side. SEO is all I do. You need to be in the trenches everyday to get good at SEO and this gives me focus and I know what’s working in SEO and what’s not.

I have a proven track record in multiple industries

From Doctors to Plumbers, to builders and ecommerce stores, I’ve worked in many industries in Brendale and I get great results for my clients.

Profit driven custom SEO campaigns for Brendale Businesses

I take your investment in my services very seriously and I focus on generating revenue for your business. If you don’t get a big return from my services, it’s no good for anyone.

Monthly reports

See exactly how you’re going with monthly Google ranking reports and traffic data to assess growth.


You’ll always have direct access to me for advice and discussion on various matters about your website and SEO campaign.

No big price tags

No big office, no huge team to deal with. I run a lean business so I can pass the savings onto you.


My process incorporates 5 key areas which are essential for SEO success. Whilst the extent of each part of the process may vary depending on your current situation, the core of an SEO campaign will have these 6 important elements.

1. Competitor and Keyword Research

There’s no point starting SEO on your site if you don’t know what keywords you should be targeting, what your competitors are doing and what your customers are searching for. This is an essential first step in any SEO campaign.

2, Technical SEO Optimisation

SEO won’t work if your website isn’t properly optimised. On page SEO can make or break a campaign. I conduct a technical audit of your website and fix any errors. I then constantly monitor your site to fix issues that arise.

3. Local Search Optimisation

If you do business in a specified location, I’ll ensure your website targets this valuable traffic source.

4. Backlinks

Quality backlinks (hyperlinks from other sites) are still one of the most important elements of SEO. I build the right links and eliminate those that may be hurting your rankings.

5. Content Creation & Optimisation

I’ll help with your content by either guiding your strategy, recommending content formats to get more links or creating content for your audience.

How long does it take to start ranking?

Local businesses should see results within 3 to 6 months. Companies with a lot of competition can take up to 12 months or more – and ongoing work is required. I target low hanging fruit initially so you can start getting good wins from the start. All SEO campaigns and sites are different and there may be additional variables that can affect these time frames.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No. However, I do recommend a minimum of 3 to 6 months for small businesses and more than 6 – 12 months for more competitive industries.

Have you been doing SEO for long?

I started doing SEO in 2010 and I’ve been building websites since 1998.

What makes your SEO better?

I don’t take shortcuts. I don’t do packages, all my SEO is customised. There’s a lot of things in SEO that are a waste. I focus on the right things so you’re not wasting your money.

Is SEO is a waste of money?

It can be if you choose the wrong provider. You could waste a lot of time and money and you may even get your website penalised.

Do you offer guarantees?

It’s impossible to offer a guarantee when we’re playing on a 3rd party platform (Google). But I do use my experience and ongoing testing to get you results.

Offering guarantees for SEO is a manipulative tactic used by dodgy agencies. They ‘guarantee’ rankings but in the fine print, you’ll find that they get to choose the keywords and they will choose easy to rank terms.

I have an extremely high client retention rate which is testament to the results that I achieve. Sometimes, clients leave because they get too busy! At the end of the day, I put in the work and nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients get results.

How do you measure results?

I send you a monthly ranking report of your keyword rankings and traffic data. It’s an easy to read document that clearly shows if your keywords and traffic have gone up or down. But the most important thing is if you’re sales have improved.