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What Is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a one off health checkup for your website. Using comparative analysis versus your competitors, I’ll analyse what you need to do to gain the number position in your market.

I offer 2 types of SEO Audits

  1.  Free SEO Audit – I’ll send you a 5 minute screen video analysis where I discuss findings of where your sitting in your market, what items need to be addressed and any other high level issues.
  2.  Paid SEO Audit – I’ll send you a report which will contain the following:
    • Analysis of your site vs 5 competitors comparing:
      • Organic Traffic
      • Organic Keywords
      • Google indexed pages count
      • Referring domains count (new and lost in the past 30 days).

I evaluate your website based on different criteria to determine its visibility on search engine results pages, or SERPs.

At the end of the audit, you receive a report card for your site’s overall search engine optimisation.

An SEO audit lets you know where you stand on search engines and where you need to go. You get a detailed overview of your SEO efficiency and what you can do to improve your business presence online. Gradually correcting these weaknesses will ensure you more consistent organic traffic and higher Google results over the long term.

Do you want to rank higher in Google?

SEO audits are a great way for businesses to identify and fix technical problems that might be holding them back. A good audit will provide an overview of the website’s health, including any issues with on-page optimisation, site speed, mobile friendliness and more. The result is a roadmap of all the changes needed to get your website ranking well in Google search results.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your website is being given every chance at ranking well in Google search results with my SEO audits! I’ll outline what needs fixing so you know exactly what needs to be done next – no guesswork involved. Plus I offer free consultations where I’ll walk through everything you need to do before launching your new site or redesigning an existing one.

Why Should You Get a Website Audit?

You might have the best services and products in your industry, but how will customers know you exist? People will have a hard time learning about your business if they can’t find you on the web. A website health check lets you evaluate your SEO strategy, link building and keyword research so you can determine what works and where you can improve.

According to Forbes, 71% of people click on results on the first page of Google. More than a quarter of clicks go to the first SERP. This is followed by 15.7% for the second, 11% for the third and 8% for the fourth. The higher you appear on Google search rankings, the better your chance of people finding your business. Website audits provide the blueprint you need to improve your search results. Maybe you need to start a weekly blog to promoting your business acumen or reduce the loading time on your webpages. The only way to find these problems and implement changes is with a website audit.

What Issues Does an SEO Audit Uncover?

An SEO audit covers every search engine optimisation problem imaginable. SEO specialists can detect everything from poor linking strategy to low quality content. Some other common problems include:

  • Low text-to-HTML ratio.
  • Broken links.
  • Duplicate content.
  • Missing alt tags.
  • Confusing site structure.
  • Confusing URLs.
  • Low word count.
  • Inconsistent blogging presence.
  • Keyword cannibalisation.
  • Keyword stuffing.

Two of the most prevalent and costly issues are slow loading speeds and poor mobile design. In today’s on-demand world, people expect things instantaneously, which includes website content. By getting the best SEO audit Brisbane has to offer, you can improve your page speed.

People will exit your site if it’s slow to load, which is known as a bounce. A higher bounce rate means your content does not satiate consumers desire for information or entertainment. Search engines may subsequently penalise your website with a lower ranking.

According to Unbounce.com, a delay of 100 milliseconds can lower your conversion rate by 7%. Like the other problems on this list, this delay is fixable. An SEO agency can reduce your on-site file sizes, leverage browser caching and remove JavaScript, so your website loads faster.

Providing a good user experience applies whether your customers use computers, tablets or mobile devices. Many companies forget to design a mobile-friendly website, even though more than half of the people online use smartphones. When people find these poorly optimised sites on Google, the webpages appear cluttered with text too small to read.

An SEO analysis uncovers these issues and finds creative ways to fix them. That might include simplifying the structure or implementing a task-based design. These tweaks make it easier for users to navigate your content and purchase your products or services.

What Is My Process to an SEO Audit?

I strive to provide each client with an SEO audit Brisbane businesses can trust. My multistep process makes sure your website functions correctly. The initial steps focus on broad issues like technical SEO, before uncovering easy-to-solve on-site errors, like a lack of meta tags. These problems have a significant impact on your SEO quality and require immediate attention.

My audit also looks at content that is not on your site, such as your Google results, advertising and marketing strategy and competitor audits. I even look at backlinks to your business that reflect your online credibility and authority. The last step involves auditing content and finding potential content gaps.

A single SEO audit takes two weeks. Implementing the changes and seeing results can take up to six months. Once your business starts seeing results from your SEO campaigns though, SEO becomes more straightforward.

You have endless tools at your fingertips that make SEO accessible. Websites link SEMrush and Ahrefs, can help you find keywords that you should incorporate into your website copy. Other places, like Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix measure your site’s overall speed.

These tools are a reliable starting point for your business, but they do not offer the SEO Audit Brisbane businesses need. To build an SEO strategy that works, contact me and I’ll provide the strategic insights and SEO improvements you need to put your website on the first page of Google.

Give me a call on 0419 943 234 or email will@willmullins.com.au to get started today.

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In a competitive industry, we've been able to achieve and maintain our page 1 Google rankings thanks to Will's SEO support. I highly recommend Will for anyone looking to get more visitors to their website. He's the best in the business as far as i'm concerned.

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Will and his team are both highly knowledgeable and capable. They were able to quickly execute a targeted SEO campaign for our healthtech business that has produced sustained results.

Luke FletcherCEO and Co-founder - Foxo | https://foxo.com/

Trust is important in business and this is especially true for SEO. Overtime, my online traffic has grown thanks to Will’s plan and strategy and his willingness to understand the specifics of my market. I more than recommend Will Mullins to any business looking for a trusted SEO company.

Mark Cantoni Director - Canex Resources Recruitment | http://canexresources.com.au/

Very knowledgeable, consistent and ethical SEO specialist.

Nick DorogavtsevOwner - Avers Cloud Solutions | https://avers.com.au/

Thanks Will. Your service was excellent, you did everything that you said you would with regards to upgrading my website, you were always contactable and very helpful. I would have no hesitation recommending you.

Andrew HowardBPI Building & Pest Inspections Gladstone | https://bpic.com.au/

Will managed to get us on page 1 in a few weeks and then to the top ranked spot within around 8 weeks so we couldn't be happier. I believe we may still be the top ranked result in google despite it still being a highly competitive term.

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I have been using Will's services for a number of years and have always found him to be responsive and supportive to my inquiries. I have and continue to recommend Will to any other business operators.

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Will’s experience and dedication to helping us achieve our goals has been outstanding. Always professional, Will was more than happy to accommodate our needs every step of the way.

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Will is a true professional that understands SEO and applies what really matters. In a field that can be full of shallow promises, it's a refreshing change to have someone reliable that delivers.

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Business is booming and it is largely because of Will's SEO strategies and commitment to seeing my business succeed.

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Hi Will, today 4 enquiries from internet and noticed on first page for building inspections! Really happy buddy! We would love to keep this going.. cheers Sam

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I engaged the help of Will Mullins to review my website in mid 2012 and since then leads and sales have increased dramatically - driven almost exclusively by search engines.

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