Pre-Website Launch SEO Services / Website Build SEO 

I’ve seen so many disasters of website redesigns that lose all their Google traffic – getting that traffic back can take a long time. Conducting pre launch SEO on your website will ensure you don’t lose traffic and rankings.

If you’re building a new website, engaging the services of an SEO consultant will make sure it’s built correctly to so it starts bringing in Google search traffic

Purpose: The following outlines the SEO tasks to be conducted on a website before going live. This will have the following benefits. 

  1. Ensures all relevant pages/services are included in the site based on keyword and competitor analysis.
  2. Ensures the correct URL structure of the site is built correctly, i.e., the URL path’s, which can play an important role in SEO success. 
  3. For existing site redesigns, it will also ensure current Google rankings and organic traffic is not lost when the new site goes live.

The following is a breakdown of services conducted with Pre Launch SEO.

Pre Launch

  • Keyword Research

    • Gain an understanding of the most searched terms in the industry. This will guide the structure of the site.
  • Competitor Research

    • Analyse the traffic and keywords of the top 5 competitors in the industry. 
  • Plan and Build all Relevant Pages 

    • Based on 1 and 2, ensure all relevant pages, services, and topics are on the site. 
  • Content Creation and optimisation 

    • Ensure the content on each page will rank well in Google. 
    • Using content comparison tools, ensure that the content on each page covers all relevant topics. 
  • On page technical optimisation 

    • Ensure the following is implemented and correct on each page: 
      1. SEO title tags
      2. SEO meta description. 
      3. Header tag hierarchy implementation 
      4. Image alt tags
      5. Schema microdata
      6. Identify crawl errors
      7. Check broken internal and external links
      8. Check http/https errors
      9. Check site load times
      10. Check mobile optimisation
  • Google Analytics Implementation

    1. Ensure all tags are correct and conversion tracking is implemented. 
  • Google Search Console Implementation

    1. Ensure site is connected and sitemap xml is installed.
  • Install Bing Webmaster Tools

    1. Ensure site is connected and sitemap xml is installed.
  • Install and optimise Yoast SEO Plugin

  • Create Correct URL structure

  • Optimise Images

  • Implement correct internal linking through the site. 

  • Ensure the site complies with Google’s Expertise, Authority, Trust (E.A.T) algorithm


Post Launch

To ensure a successful launch, the below items will be conducted once the site is launched and becomes available for indexing in Google. 

  • Check Google indexing of all relevant pages


  • For existing site re-designs

    • Check all redirects are working correctly so as not to lose traffic for a re-launch.
    • Check any loss of rankings and traffic, identify causes and rectify. 
    • Check 404 errors and rectify.
    • Check inbound links to the site are not broken. 
  • Has all content performed as planned? 

    • If not, assess and rectify. 
  • Ensure analytics, tracking, and conversions are working.

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