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You probably know how important it is to rank high in Google. Most patients and referrers turn to Google to find Doctors in their local area and they mainly click on the top 3 search results.

Those top 3 websites get around 10 times the visitors of sites that are at the bottom of page 1. And if you’re on page 2, well you better start organising a few more of those referrer dinners…

In today’s competitive medical and online environment, it’s critical that you’re ranking high in Google for your specialty or general practice.

That’s why medical SEO (medical search engine optimisation) is so important to your business. 

So What are the Benefits of Medical SEO?

How would your practice change if you ranked number 1 for your target keywords?

How many more procedures could you do in a month?

For example, if you’re a bariatric surgeon and a potential patient typed in “weight loss surgeon near me” in your city and finds you first, it would have a massive impact on your bottom line. Not to mention the authority and brand awareness this brings – not only to potential patients but your competitors also see you at the top of Google. 

My name is Will Mullins. I’m an SEO specialist and I’ve been doing SEO for Doctors and medical practices since 2010. I’ve worked with many health providers in the following areas:

  • – Skin Cancer Specialists
  • – GPs
  • – Cardiologists
  • – Bariatric Surgeons
  • – Cosmetic Surgeons
  • – Ophthalmologists
  • – Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • – Electrophysiologists
  • – Medical Centres

My primary job is to help you:

  • – Increase traffic to your website.
  • – Get Higher Keyword Rankings.
  • – Gain new patients and referrers organically.
  • – Increase your monthly appointments and revenue.
  • – Track key metrics and optimise monthly.

So What is Medical SEO?

Medical SEO or medical search engine optimisation is the process of improving your website’s keyword rankings in search engines ‘organically’. The higher you rank on a Google page, the more traffic you get. See below a breakdown of how much traffic goes to the top 10 website positions in Google. 

google traffic by rankings graph

How Much Traffic Goes to Each Google Page 1 Position

Medical SEO ensures your website  shows up high in search engine rankings for keywords that potential patients are searching for. Once you’re up there, you’ll start getting free organic traffic without having to pay for Ad clicks. 

How Do You Rank Higher in Google?

Every time someone does a Google search, the search engine uses algorithms that decide which website to show first based on what keywords were searched for. Google will show websites using signals such as: 

  • Relevance – how relevant is the search term to the services you offer?
  • Location – are you in the same geography as the searcher?
  • Trust – Does Google trust your website and business as an authoritative leader in your field?

The above factors are high level but overall Google will use around 200 different signals in their search algorithm. 

Google’s primary goal is to match the searcher with the correct website.

They get smarter every year and as medical website SEO competition increases, it becomes critical to have a comprehensive medical SEO strategy.

What Does An SEO Campaign Look Like? (I.e. what do I do?)

Stage 1

The SEO Audit

I need to know where your website sits in terms of it’s technical soundness and how it compares with your competitors. This will show: 

  • – Website Health Score.
  • – Technical errors.
  • – On Page SEO Structure.
  • – Page Content Analysis.
  • – Competitor metrics.
  • – Keywords and search volumes (market analysis).

Stage 2

On Page Medical Website SEO

On-page medical website SEO is critical to effective search engine optimisation. Your website is the foundation that all other SEO initiatives are built on.

Without the right on page structure, all other SEO strategies will struggle to impact your rankings and traffic.

My on page SEO methodology for medical websites starts by doing an in-depth optimisation of the technical elements of each page including SEO title tags, H tags and internal linking to ensure that your site is properly optimised. Other elements include: 

  • – Image alt tags optimised.
  • – Appropriate internal and external linking.
  • – Image size optimisation.
  • – Correct 301 redirections.
  • – Consolidation of content.
  • – Appropriate canonicalisation.

Stage 3

Local SEO for Medical Sites

When you do a locally focused search, such as  ‘GP South Brisbane,’ the top results and the Google My Business ‘3 Pack’ map are heavily influenced by three things: proximity of the business to the searcher, relevance of the website to the query, and Google reviews.

Local SEO is particularly important to medical practices because most of your business comes from your surrounding suburbs.

Without local SEO as part of your overall SEO medical strategy, your practice could be missing out on a great source of business – local patients. And if you have competitors in your area optimising while you’re not, you won’t end up in that valuable 3 pack of local results – which gets up to 30% of page 1 Google traffic. 

Optimising your site for local search includes: 

  • – Optimising Google My Business.
  • – Removing Duplicates.
  • – Claiming Healthcare Directories.
  • – Page Content Analysis.
  • – Tracking & improving search metrics.
  • – Directory listings.

Stage 4

Content & Backlinks

Content is still hugely important in SEO for medical practices. Having high-quality content on your website not only shows your expertise, but it also shows Google that you are an authority which helps you rank higher in search engine results. Google now places a high value on a website’s E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority and Trust). Google needs to know if you’re a trusted expert in your field, and if they agree (based on many signals from your site and around the web), they’ll rank you higher. 

Posting new content to your website can also help you ‘pick-up’ new keywords in Google, boost your local SEO rankings, and help your website rank higher on search engines and in search results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical SEO

How long does Medical SEO take to achieve results?

It can often take as little as a few weeks to get some good ‘quick win’ results. This depends on a lot of factors but for medical websites that I see that are ‘un-optimised’, I can make some subtle changes that will yield big results. I usually can spot these during my complimentary SEO Audit.  After the initial ‘push’, you’ll need a long term campaign to build your foundation of website authority in Google. I wouldn’t do SEO for less than 6 months as you’ll not realise significant benefits from the work. But remember, if you’re patient and see SEO as a long term strategy, you’ll gain long term compounding benefits for your business. 

As long as Google is still a dominant force and people still go there to find local services, you should view your SEO as an ongoing marketing channel. It’s most likely your competitors are also doing SEO so you’ll need ongoing optimisation to keep your site in the local search results. Google changes their algorithm often (up to 500 updates per year) which is another good reason to continue your SEO optimisation. 

How long have you been doing SEO for Doctors?

I’ve been doing SEO since 2010 and building websites since 1999. In that time, I’ve helped many Doctors, medical practices and healthcare providers generate more customers from Google. In a previous life, I worked in Hospitals around Australia and the UK as a Cardiac Technician and Pacemaker Technician so I know what’s important to many Dr’s and Practices and I can speak some of the lingo….:)

Does new content really matter in SEO for medical websites?

New content is not essential. There is a misconception that you need to post content at a certain frequency. BUT, having a content strategy that involves posting the RIGHT content which targets the right keywords and topics is a very good way of helping your medical site rank well. Generally speaking, you should have a page for each service you offer if there is a different type of patient for that service. People will search very specifically so having content dedicated to a specific patient is important. You should also have supporting blog content that talks about related topics to the main services. 

Should I be concerned with ranking on search engines other than Google?

Google still has more than 95% market share in Australia so I will focus on optimising for Google as I have a decent understanding of how their algorithm works. You’ll find that you’ll do quite well in Bing also. I do add sites to Bing’s Business for local places system as it’s a quick way to get significantly more exposure there. 

Do you write medical content for websites? 

I can look after this for you but sites that are written by the expert (Doctors) will always do better than sites that are not. If you’re stuck about what to write, I can provide content outlines and topics that should be written about. I’ll also give you advice about specific guidelines that should be adhered to.

Why hire me? 

  • – I do the SEO myself.
  • – I’ve been doing SEO since 2010.
  • – I’ve worked on many Medical websites since 2010.
  • – I’ll rank your site on Google for your primary keywords.
  • – I’ll help you stand out as an expert in your industry and city.
  • – I’ll attract the right patients and referrers to your practice.
  • – I’ll show you the right metrics to track so we can measure success from Google during the campaign.
  • – I’ll make sure your site remains AHPRA compliant.
  • – I’ll help your new patient numbers and revenue grow.
  • – You’ll deal directly with me, your local expert SEO specialist.

Benefit from my in depth industry expertise and 12+ years of SEO results. Call me on 0419 943 234 today or email will@willmullins.com.au.

What is the Right SEO Strategy for Your Business?

To figure out what your medical business needs, I’ll complete an SEO audit analysis and show you the following: 

  • – Where your website ranks Vs your competitors.
  • – Why you’re ranking where you are and how we can fix it.
  • – The gaps between your business and your competitors.

How do I measure SEO success?

There are 3 primary metrics I look at to assess success.

  • – Traffic to your website.
  • – Keyword rankings
  • – Conversions / actions taken on your site such as phone number clicks, contact form completions and email clicks.

I will send you these in a monthly report. You can also access these during the campaign with your own SEO dashboard. I understand that in the medical industry, success is usually measured by the number of new patients and procedures booked which obviously you will know.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of  the SEO campaign will depend on factors such as:

  • – Competitiveness of your industry.
  • – Geographical targeting (e.g. Local Vs National).
  • – Number of services you offer (which will increase the number of keywords and pages that need to be worked on). 

Please give me a call on 0419 943 234 or email will@willmullins.com.au to learn more about pricing.

How is SEO different from Google Ads?

Google Ads are a form of PPC (pay-per-click) marketing; this means that you pay Google every time someone clicks on your Ad. While Google Ads will get you on page 1 faster, SEO is a long term, more cost-effective approach that focuses on organic results. SEO and Google Ads can also be used together to achieve a comprehensive overall marketing plan for your business. Learn more about Google Ads management.

Do you offer both SEO and Google Ads?

Yes. I can manage both of these for you so you can completely take over page 1 of Google! 

A Bit About Me

I’m a freelance SEO consultant based in Brisbane, Australia. I work with Medical clients Australia wide. I’ve been doing Medical SEO since 2010 and developing websites since 1997.

My passion is SEO, it doesn’t really feel like work. What motivates me is using my skills to help clients and seeing their business grow.

I’ve helped hundreds of local, national and international businesses with their Google organic traffic and search engine presence. The landscape has changed a lot since 2010 but the fundamentals stay the same.

How can I help your business?

If your business isn’t maximising Google visibility, then you need an SEO specialist to help you. 

So many times I’ve seen people who’ve spent years doing their own SEO, focusing themselves away from their business and what they’re good at, and mostly causing negative results which can take years to recover from. SEO is a specialised profession – don’t put your business in the hands of a digital marketing generalist!

Feel free to contact me on issues such as:

  • “We rank OK in Google but want to rank better”
  • “We don’t show up anywhere in Google!”
  • “We used to get enquiries from Google but haven’t for a while”
  • “We’ve had a website built and need it to show up in the search results”

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My education

I have a Bachelor of Science from the University of QLD, a Master of Science from Griffith University and an MBA in Marketing and Technology Management from Monash University. 

I also have 12 years experience running hundreds of  SEO campaigns in multiple industries. I stay up to date with SEO by attending conferences and reading the latest SEO news and case studies.


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