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“For 10+ years, I’ve helped Doctors, Medical Practices and Hospitals get higher rankings, leads and profit with customised SEO campaigns.”

Safe, ethical, transparent SEO that will boost your website higher in Google.

Click Here to Request Your Free SEO Health Check & Quote Now

Click Here to Request Your Free SEO Health Check & Quote Now
Safe, ethical, transparent SEO that will boost your website higher in Google.

Why Should You Invest in Medical SEO? 

If you want your website to be found by patients looking for a new doctor or medical practice, it needs to be in the top three spots of Google’s search results. But doing this without specialised medical SEO help is hard and most likely won’t get you results, and will likely cost you plenty of money in lost potential revenue. 

I’ve been providing affordable and effective SEO solutions for Doctors, medical practices and hospitals who want their site at the top of Google’s organic (non-paid) search results. I have over 10 years experience specialising in SEO with a focus in healthcare SEO strategy, development and implementation.

More of the Patients and Procedures That You Want at a Low Cost Per Acquisition

I can help your hospital or clinic get more patients through increased visibility on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This will lead to more appointments booked, higher patient retention, greater revenue generation, lower cost per acquisition metrics and much more! ​​​​

I’ll make sure you don’t miss out on potential referrals from those Googling the services you provide, in your area. 

You Need a Medical SEO Specialist on Your Team

Google is constantly changing its algorithm, and you need a specialist that knows how to stay on top of the changes. You also want someone who can make sure your website is mobile-friendly so it can be easily found by patients searching with smartphones or tablets.

And here’s more reasons….

I won’t outsource you…

Some agencies subcontract your website out to juniors or overseas providers who don’t have the experience or knowledge to do good SEO.

I specialise in SEO only

I’m not a Web Developer or generalist digital marketing company that does SEO on the side. SEO is what I do. This gives me focus and I know what’s currently working and what’s not.

Profit driven Healthcare SEO

I take your investment in my services seriously and I focus on generating revenue from high value keywords that bring you more patients that you value.

Monthly traffic and ranking reports

Track how you’re going with monthly ranking reports and traffic data to assess growth.

Contact me anytime

You’ll always have direct access to me for advice and discussion on various matters about your website and SEO.

No big agency price tags

No big offices, no huge team. I run a lean agency which means I can pass the savings onto you.


My process incorporates 5 key areas which are essential for success. Whilst the extent of each part of the process may vary depending on your current situation, the core of an SEO project will have these important elements.

Competitor and Medical Keyword Research

There’s no point starting SEO on your site if you don’t know what keywords you should be targeting, what your competitors are doing and what your customers are searching for. This is an essential first step in any SEO campaign.

Technical SEO Optimisation

SEO won’t work if your website isn’t properly optimised. On page SEO can make or break a campaign. I conduct a technical audit of your website and fix any errors. I then constantly monitor your site to fix issues that arise.

Local Search (Google My Business) Optimisation

If you do business in a specified geography, I’ll ensure your site targets this valuable traffic source.


Quality backlinks are still the most important element of SEO. I hand build the right links and eliminate those that may be hurting your rankings.


I’ll help with your content by either guiding your strategy, recommending content formats to get more links or creating content for your audience.

How long does it take to start ranking?

This depends. As a general rule of thumb, a local GP practice should see results within 6 months. Large industries with a lot of competition (eg cosmetic, orthopaedics, eye surgery) can take up to 12 months or more. All campaigns and sites are different and there may be additional circumstances that can affect these time frames (e.g. previous Google penalties etc.).

Is there a minimum term?

No but I do recommend a minimum of 6 months for small practices and more than 12 months for competitive specialties such as cosmetic surgery or weight loss.

Have you been doing Healthcare SEO for long?

I started doing SEO in 2010 and I’ve been building websites since 1998.

What makes your Medical SEO strategy better?

I don’t take shortcuts. I don’t outsource the work. I don’t do packages, all my SEO is customised. And I’m constantly keeping up with the latest SEO best practices and taking ongoing training. I focus on ROI so you’re not wasting your money.

Is SEO is a waste of money?

It can be. If you choose the wrong provider, you’ll waste a lot of time and money and you may even get your site penalised.

Do you offer guarantees?

I don’t guarantee a specific ranking position. Offering exact ranking guarantees for SEO is a manipulative tactic used by competitors and overseas agencies. They ‘guarantee’ rankings but in the fine print, you’ll find that they get to choose the keywords and they will choose low volume, easy to rank terms.

I have an extremely high client retention rate which is testament to the results that I achieve. Sometimes, clients leave because they get too busy! At the end of the day, I put in the work and nothing makes me happier than seeing you get results.

What reporting do you do?

I send you a monthly ranking report of your keywords and traffic data. It’s an easy to read document that clearly shows if your keywords and traffic have gone up or down.