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Hi, I’m Will Mullins. I’m an SEO specialist here in Brisbane and I help local businesses rank higher in Google.

When you rank higher in Google Search and Maps, you get more local traffic and more customers. I’ve been doing local SEO in Brisbane since 2010, helping hundred’s of businesses get more sales and revenue.

Ranking well in local Google search results involves doing two things really well:

  1. Getting your website’s ‘local Google signals’ and site content perfect.
  2. Making sure Google know that you are a trusted local business and will do a good job for your customers! 

There are many sub-items within the above 2, but on a high level, if you get these things right, Google will show your website more often to potential customers.

If you’d like me to take look at your website and give you a quote for local SEO, just send an email to will@willmullins.com.au or call me on 0419 943 234.

Google likes Local!

Most people like doing business with people in their local community. That’s why local SEO converts so well.

Google knows this and they want their users to find the best local business.

If you optimise your website for these local search terms, Google will reward you with endless local website traffic and happy customers.

Why Choose a Local SEO Specialist?

Poorly executed local SEO by inexperienced SEO agencies will cost you money and will reduce your visibility in Google.

Doing SEO is hard and getting it right can take years of practice. Professional local SEO by an independent SEO Specialist will give you confidence that you’re not wasting your money.

I’ve been helping local Brisbane businesses since 2010 and have a long track record of success.

If you’d like to see how I can help you, please call me on 0419 943 234 or email me at will@willmullins.com.au.

So What Exactly Is Local SEO?

Local Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing your website’s visibility in Google’s organic search results and local Google maps listings (Google My Business).

The majority of people who are searching online are looking for a local business. 

98% of traffic goes to websites on the first page of Google Search’s results page – If you can get your website high in Google or in Google Maps, you’ll get more leads.

People won’t find your business if they can’t find you online.

It’s essential you have a Google My Business listing which is at the heartbeat of local SEO. If you don’t have this, it will make the process a whole lot harder. 

By optimising your listing correctly, and optimising your website, you should begin to see more traffic within a few weeks or months.

You may also want to optimise your site for cities outside your service area, such as the Gold or Sunshine Coast.

Instead of using local SEO for this extended market, you will need conventional SEO. That includes creating written website content that is relevant to those geographic areas and targeting specific keywords in your copy.

This approach ensures that your site will appear more prominently on queries that do not have geographic intent.

My local SEO services include:

1. Local SEO Audits

I’ll analyse your site and see if it’s correctly optimised for local search terms. This gap analysis will provide a roadmap for the campaign ahead.

2. Local Keyword Research

What search terms are your local customers typing into Google? With this information, I can craft a local SEO plan that will target these keywords.

3. Technical (On Page) Optimisation

I’ll make sure that the technical ‘back end’ issues on your site are fixed and are not being an impediment to Google’s search crawlers.

4. Competitor Research

I’ll reverse engineer the top 3 local competitors in your industry and see why Google is rewarding them with high rankings.

5. Local SEO Content

Is the content on your page optimised correctly to ‘catch’ local search terms? I’ll make sure we plug any content gaps.

5. Google My Business (GMB) Optimisation

This is the heartbeat of any good local SEO campaign. Making sure your GMB listing is correct and optimised is essential.

6. Local Link Building

Making sure Google ‘sees’ you on different parts of the internet gives them more trust in your business and trust helps rankings. Link building will achieve this.

7. Monthly Local SEO Reporting

See exactly how you’re tracking with easy to understand reports that show your keyword rankings and traffic improvements over time.

Citations on Local Directories

You’ll need to get listed on relevant local business directories to give more trust signals to Google. Having a consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) on all web properties will increase this trust and help you rank higher in Google’s local searches. Consistent information gives your business more legitimacy, while discrepancies can confuse Google.

Some local directories are:

Want to Rank in Google Local Search Results?

Want to start ranking locally in Brisbane? I can help. My local Brisbane SEO services helps businesses increase their rankings, traffic, and revenue through innovative and science based SEO strategies and digital marketing.

Join hundreds of satisfied customers that have a thriving online presence. Call me for Local SEO Services on 0419 943 234 or get a free quote here. I look forward to hearing from you!