Google Only Sees 4% of the Internet

By April 3, 2022SEO, Technical SEO

google only sees 4 percent of the internet

Most people think that when they do a google search, they’re accessing the entire web’s information at hand.

In fact, they’re only seeing a small fraction. If you think about it, it makes sense. A lot of garbage gets posted to the internet.

Spam websites, free website builders, random one off blogs done by kids or the like, not to mention the trillions of duplicated pages spat out by e-commerce sites (I currently have a site with around 30,000 worthless pages that I need to no-index).

Google knows there’s a lot of garbage out there and they don’t want to spend their resources constantly reading it.

As such, their algorithms reward sites that are lean (not thin), efficient, to the point with great content and don’t contain unnecessary bulk and pointless pages.

There are countless SEO studies showing that if you trim the fat, so to speak, get rid of pages that have no purpose, no traffic, or a generally pointless, you’ll get rewarded with a boost in traffic to your good pages – the pages Google sees fit to index in their huge library.

Give it a crack, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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