How To Get Your Google Review URL

This post will show you exactly how to get your Google reviews URL so you can send customers straight to your review page – either from an email link or from your website.

It can be hard to get Google reviews so making it easy for your customers is a good idea.

In case you didn’t know, Google reviews help with:

(a) Creating trust for your future customers and
(b) Helping your Google listing rank better on Google maps (need to get into that elusive ‘3-pack’. See below screenshot of yours truly:

my google places listing

Here’s How To Get Your Google Reviews Page URL

Step 1.

Google your business name and find your Google business page on the right:

will mullins google my business page

Step 2.

Click on the ‘Write a Review’ button.

If you’re signed into your account, you should see this:

click on reviews button

Step 3.

In your address bar, copy the URL and paste it into a document where you can edit it.

My URL looks like this:,3,

Lets edit it to take out things that you don’t need.

In the above, I took out the highlighted section and ended up with the below URL:,3,

Step 4.

Add the number 1 to then end of the URL:,3,1

Step 5.

Test the that the URL works on desktop and mobile.

Step 6.

Wrap the link in some nice looking text like this.

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