How To Get Your Google Review URL

Updated: October 2020

Here’s how to get your unique URL link which you can send to customers so they can leave you a Google review. I’ll use my site as an example.

Step 1.

Log in to your Google My Business Page.

google my business login screen

Step 2.

Click on info on the left hand side:info button in google my business


Step 3.

Scroll down to the little @ symbol. If you haven’t got a short name yet, add it here. Google will also suggest one. If you do have a short name already, get to step 4.


@ symbol short name


Step 4.

Go back to Home on the left hand side, then scroll down to the ‘get more reviews’ section on the bottom right. Copy the link – this is your URL to give to customers.


Step 5.

Paste it into a browser and see if it works. Here’s mine

google reviews screen

Voila! That’s it. Google will probably get bored and change this tomorrow so keep an eye out!




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