There are 3 main areas of SEO you have to do right.

  1. Content – is your content the best in your industry and answer your customers concerns?
  2. Authority – are other websites in your industry citing you online?
  3. Trust – Does Google accept that you are a legitimate, trust worthy business based on signals it can discover.

Find out which website in your industry does these things well – find this in an audit.

Create a gap analysis of all 3 elements – close this gap.

Get free leads for life.


Author Will Mullins

If you need more traffic from Google, then you need an SEO specialist in your team.Feel free to contact me any time on issues such as:"We rank OK but want to rank better", "We don't show up anywhere in Google!" "We used to get enquiries from Google but haven't been for a while", "We've had a website built and we need it to show up in the search results”,My services include keyword and competitor research, on page SEO, off page link building, local SEO and content strategy. If you'd like me to have a look at your website and rankings, please contact me on 0419 943 234 or email

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