Will Mullins seo consultant

I’m a freelance SEO consultant based in Brisbane, Australia. I work with clients Australia wide and abroad. I’ve been doing SEO since 2010 and developing websites since 1997.

My passion is SEO, it doesn’t really feel like work. What motivates me is using my skills to help clients and seeing their business grow.


How I got started in SEO


In 2010, I came across a website about SEO and was instantly hooked. I started reading and couldn’t stop. I’d never really thought of how Google ranked websites.

Based on my own Google searching behaviours, I knew instantly how financially valuable being highly ranked in Google could be for a business. 

I put out a few posts on Facebook of my new venture and within a month, I had my business up and running.

Pretty soon I was helping a couple of business owner friends with their websites and traffic.

One of my first clients (a new business) hit number 1 in Google for their main keyword and the business went from zero leads to more than 30 per day. They were a local tradie in Brisbane and their phone was ringing off the hook – business was booming and it was all coming from Google.

This was my first realisation that I could really help others grow their business.

Granted, it was a lot easier back in 2010 to rank a website in Google. Even my own website which was barely a few weeks old was ranking well for a few SEO keywords. 


What am I doing now in 2023?


Fast forward to now and as a Brisbane SEO consultant, I’ve helped hundreds of local, national and international businesses with their Google organic traffic and search engine presence. The landscape has changed a lot since 2010 but the fundamentals stay the same.


Who are my clients?


I work with clients from a range of industries including Law, Medical, Trades, Finance, Tourism and Ecommerce – the list goes on.

I like to keep things simple, no wasting time, just focus on doing good work that will get the biggest return on investment for my clients. In SEO, there’s always more work to do and more traffic out there to get.


How can I help your business?


If your business or company isn’t maximising their Google visibility, then you need an SEO specialist to help you. 

So many times I’ve seen people who spent years doing their own SEO, focusing themselves away from their business and what they’re good at, and mostly causing negative results which can take years to recover from. SEO is a specialised profession – don’t put your business in the hands of a digital marketing generalist!

Feel free to contact me on issues such as:

  • “We rank OK in Google but want to rank better”
  • “We don’t show up anywhere in Google!”
  • “We used to get enquiries from Google but haven’t for a while”
  • “We’ve had a website built and need it to show up in the search results”

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My education


I have a Bachelor of Science from the University of QLD, a Master of Science from Griffith University and an MBA in Marketing and Technology Management from Monash University. 

I also have 12 years experience running hundreds of  SEO campaigns in multiple industries. I stay up to date with SEO by attending conferences and reading the latest SEO news and case studies.


Personal Life


I have 3 very loud boys, Mackenzie, Harrison and Louis and wife Catherine. We live in Brisbane, Australia.

Contact me on 0419 943 234 or email me at will@willmullins.com.au.


Will Mullins