20% of Your Website Drives 80% of the Sales

What Are Your Most Visited Pages?

Today we are going to talk about what the most visited webpages on your website. This is different for different industries but if you have a local service business, your most visited are your home page, your about page, your FAQ page and your contact page.the pareto principle

For e-commerce sites, this is a lot different – usually it’s your biggest product categories that pick up the most traffic. Whatever the website, knowing your most visited pages gives an indication of what your users want to know.

So what Does This Mean?

You should make your most visited pages as good as possible and make them convert well. 

The FAQ page is a highly visited page and this page can really do all the heavy lifting of your business and can take care of a lot of customer service issues that you may have. 

What Should You Put On These Pages?

On your About Page, tell as story and put a really good video all about your business that will engage the user and want them to do business with you. On your Home Page, make it relevant and make it so people can find other things that they want to get to.

On your Contact Page, embed a map and all your contact information so people can easily get in touch with you if they want. If you ever get asked a question in your day ­to­ day business, make sure you put the answer to that question on your FAQ Page and you will eliminate a lot of unnecessary calls that may be coming to your site.

It’s really good to apply that 80/20 rule to your website. 20% of your website is doing 80% of the work so focus on that 20%, build it up, make it as good as possible and you should see an improvement in your business online.

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